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BiteFind is an app that lets you discover nearby restaurants with a simple tap on the screen. It's a useful tool for those moments when you can't decide where to eat. Using it, you can find nearby food joints randomly, eliminating the need to make any tough decisions.

Using BiteFind couldn't be more simple: you just tap the button in the middle of the screen, like in Shazam, and BiteFind will display a restaurant randomly. You can then save the restaurant to your favorites, choose another, or get directions through a third party app.

Accessing your favorites, you can see a list of the restaurants you've saved. Plus, you can enter information about your experience with the restaurant for future visits. What's more, the app has a bunch of other options to assist you in your search: selecting certain types of restaurants, how close they are, cost ranges, etc.

BiteFind is an incredibly useful app to find new places to eat. Although the interface is quite simple, it works well and gets the job done. It's primarily used to find nearby restaurants, but it can also be configured to find places in other cities.
By Nelson de Benito
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BiteFind is the best way to solve the problem of choosing where to eat

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Requires Android 5.1 or higher


The maximum level automatically unlocks after several days